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What We Do Best - Pest Control Sutton Coldfield

Hulls Environmental Services is a Professional Pest Control Company and Washroom Services Based Sutton Coldfield and Burton on Trent.
We Have all the expertise you want from our team, having two generations of the Hull family dealing with Pest Control Sutton Coldfield for over
50 years & Fully Insured up to £2,000,000.
See our cover above along with our Training Certificates.
We have the latest Thermal Imaging Cameras to view every
where you can't See

Our Staff are ​​​British Pest Control Trained & Up Todate with New Methods.
We offer the expertise and knowledge you expect from the best company.
We are fully trained in food safety supervision for Manufacturing
HACCP level 3. If you are in need of advice please call.

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British Pest Control Trained

and RSPH 

Staff To Deal with all your 

Seasonal insects



Wasps, Ants, Bees are all areas we have come across over the year and dealt with in gardens and food areas. We have dealt with many properties over the years & have many clients that continue to recommend ours service to friends & family. If you have a problem please call one of the team, we would be happy to Call in for a free survey.

How We Can Help

What are the Reasons 

You enjoy the below advantages every time you choose Hulls Environmental Services Limited.

Pest control Sutton Coldfield

  • Insured and independent pest management company

  • Compliant, safe and ethical pest control methods used

  • Membership of the British Pest Control Association

  • Guaranteed long-lasting results

  • Reliable, efficient customer services

  • Affordable pest control in Sutton Coldfield and around 

  • Qualified and skilled technicians




Our Environmental Vision
We Care

Not just another service provider,


We pride ourselves on delivering the best service and advise you will get.

If you don't agree we will give you your money back.

Thats our promise to YOU.

Just give us a call

On 0121 270 5560 todate

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pest control birmingham

Bees​ in your home Give us a Call

​We are members of the

British Beekeepers Association.

If you have got a swarm of bees in your garden, chimneys or house, we are the guys to call. We have our own Bee hives and work with a lot of local bee keeper to try and relocate the swarm to a local site where the swarm are managed by US or another bee keeper. We will then look to harvest honey from them same Bees once again, which in turn is sold locally.

Once all the bees are removed from your site and safely relocated, we can install a bee proof cowl to your chimney pot to stop any further swarms returning to the old nest to feed and have further costs for removal again.

Our staff are IPAF Trained and qualified and are happy to show you our IPAF cards.

Call Us for the best results for you and the environment 


​How bees Pollinate 80% of your food crops and what

You can do to help,

Why you must not just kill a nest in your home.

Plant things that bees like, have a look at our plant by clicking the photo below 


Bees are all about pollen. If you want to support the many different varieties of bees which range through your yard, plant some things which will feed them.

​The good news here is that bee-friendly plants are easy to grow. Scatter a variety through your yard, ensuring a good supply of pollen through the warm months. A few general pointers: avoid horticultural plants that are "double." These usually have extra petals instead of anthers. And bees prefer flowers that are blue, purple or yellow. Clover is a great choice. Bees love it, and clover makes attractive and robust ground cover. There are organic varieties available.

​Other bee-yummy plants: sage, salvia, oregano, lavender, ironweed, yarrow, yellow hyssop, alfalfa, honeywort, dragonhead, echinacea, bee balm (guess where the name comes from?), buttercup, goldenrod and English thyme.

Actions you should take if you find you have a bee problem and the law.



It is important to contact Us as soon as possible or our bee keeper that can remove the bees to a new location, if this can be done. However this is not always the case when bees get into air bricks or loft spaces and when this happens and the bees cannot be relocated, the bees may need to be treated with a dust powder which is often the most effective approach.

If us the bee keeper have no other option but to treat the bees you MUST block up all the entrances to that site or remove the entire honeycomb once treated but preferably both.

We offer advise on the above which all can be completed by Hulls Environmental Services.

If it is not completed right other bees from other hives in the area will realize that honey is sitting there accessible and unguarded and will start to collect the contaminated honey for their hive and the local bee keeper will find several thousand bees dead in his hives and DEFRA will be contacted by that bee keeper and you may likely be prosecuted if an offence has occurred by your treatment and the cause can be located back to You.

 So BEE aware, call us free don't just kill, you may BEE doing more harm.




pest control sutton coldfield
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pest control birmingham

The Defra logo above is linked to the

defra bee information and advice on bees and the hives that have been killed due to disease and other factors

pest control sutton coldfield
This is a Plants link for bees

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