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Wasps nest removal in sutton coldfield

Wasps nest removal in Tamworth

Can a Wasps sting be harmful?

Wasps stings are at best painful, and at worst fatal.

If you're sensitive to wasps stings then they could send you into anaphylaxis, this is a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction which Children, elderly people, and household pets are particularly sensitive to wasps stings.


When do queens Wasps come out?

The queen makes a golf ball size nest to hibernate in during the winter and emerges once the weather gets above 10 degrees each day around about easter time.


Do Wasps smell food?

Unlike dogs, wasps identify odors through scent receptor neurons on their antennae only.


 Do Wasps kill and eat bees?

 Wasps do and can also be a serious pest to bees. In Spring worker wasps will attack and carry off foraging worker bees, and later in the year from August-September they will take honeybees grubs, and pupae.


When is the nest at its largest?

The end of August and September are the most annoying time for Wasps due to the nest getting to the biggest stage in the cycle of the nest just before the queen starts laying for new queens for the following year, an absolute pest for humans when trying to dine or socialise outdoors.


How many wasps are in one nest.

Wasps are sociable insects, living in colonies from 4,000 to 10,000 workers. Their paper nests are built from chewing up wood from fencing and wood piles in and around gardens and building areas. Wasps will make nests in almost any location from roof voids to anywhere the queen feels it is right for her to start a nest. Only newly mated queen wasps hibernate during winter, and emerge in spring and begin building nest

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